Lessons to learn

things to do, people to be frustrated at. Today Saturn is in a semi-square to the North Node (which also implies a sesquiquaderate to the south node - this is geometry. Look it up if you need to.) The semi/sesqui-squares are minor aspects, involving frustration and minor hardships. Difficulties arising from one planet being a phase ahead of the other one. In this case we have Saturn behind the North Node; the Node has learnt and expressed something Saturn hasn't, and he doesn't like it. Saturn in Libra is concerned with what is socially right and proper, creating harmonious structures. Nodal Axis in Gemini/Sagittarius has learnt that he cannot always do the generally approved and proper thing. It is just as important to discover his own truth and his own way forwards - and yes that will sometimes mean we make a fool of ourselves in decent company.

This aspect is at its most potent today, but will probably be felt for up to a week in either direction. You might feel it socially - as a conflict between tradition and the foreign. You might feel it energetically - as a feeling that you are being held back. You may meet people who embody truth and self development, or humour, or teachers that break the mold somehow. If you have planets around 28 degrees of Libra or Aries, you may identify more with Saturn, while people with planets around 13 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini may identify more with the Nodes.


Feeling highstrung and restless? That would be Sun quinkunx Uranus. Little irritations particularly involving freedom and clinginess. The Sun wants to be close and intense, now that it's in Scorpio; secretive, emotional and passionate. But Uranus in Aries goes its own way, hacking its own path and OMG don't hold me down all the time! If they can learn to fly together (the eagle being another symbol of Scorpio), they can explore the breadth and limits of human experience and understanding. Apply your mind, research and think.

One more day

Hi again!

Not been so good with the updating lately, but today is another day. The main aspect is Sun trine Chiron, making this a wonderful day of healing. Take care of yourself, forgive yourself for your mistakes, and move on. The past has happened, the future is far away, but “today is a gift – that's why it's called the present”. Chiron bridges the spiritual and the daily, reminding us that we are both, and that there really is no difference. A mindset of gratitude is a bit of a platitude, but it does help to see the divine in all that is.


Venus is making some nice aspects today, with the conjunction to Saturn and sextile to the moon's North Node. The nodal axis always speaks of meetings and realizations – together with Venus it is a realization of love and understanding the harmony that surrounds you. Saturn makes it real, so it's a wonderful day to say 'I do!' whether in committing to a friendship, a business partnership, a marriage, or to your inner source of love and light. Find love both in the physical and in the spiritual, find value in reality and the world around you, pay the credit card bills, and set a new course forwards. Take charge of your future; with Mercury sextile Mars there is an air of enthusiasm, and a desire for something happening. Make that something with both spiritual, loving and mundane reprecussions for the future – and you're good to go!

Breathe deep

You might be feeling rather restless today, itching to go spend your energy on something, with Mars quinkunx Pluto. There's probably plenty of ideas rushing around in your head too, about what to do with it, since Mercury opposes Uranus. Messages go fast but they're hardly following the straight and conventional lines, so enjoy the new views.

However, there is one thing you can do with that energy that might benefit you for longer than just griping about it; sit. Close your eyes. Breathe. Several times. The new moon is in Libra, your spirit needs peace and harmony. It may be difficult to sit still for more than a few minutes, but that's fine, just give yourself this opportunity to breathe in the peace of the universe. Let yourself feel the Libran love, reach out to your fellow man, and meditate on what you can do in the next moon cycle to spread that love. Touch beauty, be harmony.

Breathe, and be at peace.

Itsy bitsy irritation.

Stuff not going as planned. Energy going the wrong way, minor confusions, difficult expressing what you actually want or need or love. And the occasional shit hitting the fan. Nothing big, no real crisis – just awfully irritating. The aspects of the day: Mars quinkunx Chiron, Sun quinkunx Neptune, Venus quinkunx Jupiter and Mercury sesquiquaderate Jupiter.

For me that means going in to work an hour early and being alone all through the late shift, due to various sicknesses. No crisis – just an irritant.

Release and refocus

Yesterday Mars entered Leo – this should give the world a pretty nice energy boost until mid november, but there can be a tendency to get self righteous and domineering. The period is started with an emotional bang (Venus square Pluto), and when things get serious, Mars in Leo is not likely to sweep it under the rug. Reactions were probably hefty yesterday, but be magnanimous and forgive them for they do not know as well as you do. Sorry, did I say something about self righteous? Never mind, just try to spend the extra energy in a way that will benefit also your audience.

Today is the waning quarter of the moon, with the sun in Virgo and the moon in Gemini. The volatility of yesterday may still be felt, but it's time to release and let go. If you made some body resolutions on the new moon, this is a good day to reevaluate your progress. Be honest with yourself (Mercury squared the nodal axis yesterday – a fine opportunity to learn honesty and application of the intellect), adapt to circumstances, and use the week before the next fullmoon to the best of your ability.

Moving cross

A few days ago I described the Venus square to the Nodal axis. Today the Sun enters the same aspect, also from Virgo, and the full moon squares the axis from Pisces. Keyword today is Mutable – change, fluidity, adaption, movement. The axis moves from releasing the details for the broader view. The sun teaches adaption to circumstance in the physical realm; changing the illusion of control to the understanding of universal order. The full moon enhances the fluidity of emotions. We feel for a moment, catch a glimpse of the divine – and the world moves on, throws us a different challenge. We think we have it all together, know everything we need to know – and the world shows us just how much more we can expand.

Mercury is trine Pluto today, also, in earth signs, so expect some very productive and moving discussions. Words have power, thoughts influence your circumstances. You cannot believe yourself rich, but you can speak to the right person with a convincing argument, and receive their assistance and goodwill. Know when to talk, know when to listen.

It's a land of confusion

and there's not much love to go around. Well, actually there is, but the confusion is more in the expression and the thoughts than in the love, and.. oh are you confused yet? Today Mercury is opposite Neptune, in the Leo/Aquarius axis, and we're rather likely to get a conflict of my reality versus yours. My personal thoughts versus the ideals of the public.

Trying to clear things up can be complicated at best; try not to get too affronted when someone misunderstands you. It's not about you, it's just that you and they are on different planets or planes of existence, and there's a limit to how far babel fish can help you. It's easy both to make stuff personal, and to generalise the specific. Just because someone forgets once, doesn't mean they're a ditz – and it's not malice either.

Tomorrow things should be a bit more clearcut; Mercury enters Virgo, putting the focus on precision, perfection and proper distinctions. There is a small chance of going too far though, with a semisquare to Saturn – no need to get everything in writing, signed and copied thrice. Honesty and dependability will be its own reward.

Developing the feminine

When a planet aspects the nodal axis, we can expect a day of learning about ourselves. Our past examined, our path pointed out. The south node being the place we come from, the point of tradition, habit and release; the north node being the future, our becomming, the point of development and evolution. A conjunction to the south node is often speaking of release, a conjunction to the north node is a principle we need to integrate.

The square is both. It highlights both the positive and the negative sides of a planet, emphasises that work is involved, and that the day implies a transition. Today Venus in Virgo squares the axis (north node in Sagittarius, south in Gemini). The key sentence to meditate on is 'which images am I realizing?” What does your imagination speak of? What ideas are you communicating to your subconscious, which hopes and fears are you delivering to your higher self to manifest?

The square can pull out meetings with people who seem selfish, narcissistic, vain and shallow, people who are picky and discriminate on manners and appearance, people who write bad poetry, people who seem unemotional and cold.

It encourages you to take the worries of the past and leave them behind, seeing the person for who they are, letting your senses and immediate instincts be calmed by the voice of reason and love. It encourages you to develop openness to the expressions of love and harmony, friendships across cultures and tastes, to create images of beauty and let your Divine Self show you beauty in ways you have never thought.

Enjoy the day and let love light your path!