sidselh (sidselh) wrote,

Lessons to learn

things to do, people to be frustrated at. Today Saturn is in a semi-square to the North Node (which also implies a sesquiquaderate to the south node - this is geometry. Look it up if you need to.) The semi/sesqui-squares are minor aspects, involving frustration and minor hardships. Difficulties arising from one planet being a phase ahead of the other one. In this case we have Saturn behind the North Node; the Node has learnt and expressed something Saturn hasn't, and he doesn't like it. Saturn in Libra is concerned with what is socially right and proper, creating harmonious structures. Nodal Axis in Gemini/Sagittarius has learnt that he cannot always do the generally approved and proper thing. It is just as important to discover his own truth and his own way forwards - and yes that will sometimes mean we make a fool of ourselves in decent company.

This aspect is at its most potent today, but will probably be felt for up to a week in either direction. You might feel it socially - as a conflict between tradition and the foreign. You might feel it energetically - as a feeling that you are being held back. You may meet people who embody truth and self development, or humour, or teachers that break the mold somehow. If you have planets around 28 degrees of Libra or Aries, you may identify more with Saturn, while people with planets around 13 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini may identify more with the Nodes.

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